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SoothePro Heat & Massage Therapy Belt

SoothePro Heat & Massage Therapy Belt

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A promise of relief and rejuvenation. Feel the warmth, embrace the relief, and let each moment become a celebration of well-being. Because life without discomfort is not just a dream

  • Large heating area for targeted warmth.
  • Vibrating acupressure points release joint pressure.
  • Multi-purpose design for shoulder, elbow, and knee.

Adjustable Temperature for Varied Relief:

  • 40°C~45°C: Ideal for daily care, providing gentle warmth to soothe and comfort.
  • 50°C: Tailored for post-exercise care, offering a therapeutic heat experience after physical activities.
  • 55°C~60°C: Specifically designed to relieve joint discomfort, targeting areas that need a higher level of warmth for effective relief.

Package includes:

  • 1xHeat & Massage Therapy Belt
  • 1xHost
  • 1xExtension belt
  • 1xCharging cable
  • 1xManual



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