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SteelSpin Pro Kitchen Utensil Carousel

SteelSpin Pro Kitchen Utensil Carousel

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Picture an organized kitchen where every whisk, ladle, and spatula finds its place effortlessly within a multi-layered, rust-resistant haven, leaving your cooking space not just efficient but truly elegant.

  • Made of carbon steel
  • Corrosion and oxidation-resistant layers
  • Rotating pillar design
  • Ample space for multiple utensils


  • Material: Carbon steel with multiple layers
  • Size:  25x23cm/9,84x9,06 inch
  • Function: Multi-purpose, dust-proof, no installation required
  • Storage Scenes: Kitchen utensils and desktop storage
  • Tool Organization: Multi-hole slot for 6-8 different-sized tools
  • 360° Rotation: Easy access, includes water tray for cleanliness
  • Secure Placement: Non-slip suction cups for stability

Note: Utensils are not included.

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